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Tiger Fight, October 17 News On the eve of the Milan derby, Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed the Italian star Cassano, who has played for AC Milan and Inter Milan respectively. He also took this opportunity to express his views on the Milan Derby.Tiger Fight,10月17日新闻在米兰德比大战前夕,Gazzetta dello Sport采访了意大利球星卡萨诺,后者分别为AC米兰和国际米兰效力。

Tiger Fight, October 17 News On the eve of the Milan derby, Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed the Italian star Cassano, who has played for AC Milan and Inter Milan respectively. He also took this opportunity to express his views on the Milan Derby.

Tiger Fight,10月17日新闻在米兰德比大战前夕,Gazzetta dello Sport采访了意大利球星卡萨诺,后者分别为AC米兰和国际米兰效力。他还借此机会表达了对米兰德比的看法。

"Talk about derby? Okay, I have scored in the Rome Derby, Madrid Derby, Genoa Derby and Milan Derby. Am I qualified to talk?"


It is not called football without fans, but the new crown epidemic has indeed changed everyone's lives. In order not to be affected by the virus, there is no way to close the stadium.


It's a bit too early, it's only four rounds, so even if you lose, you have a chance to adjust. But if they lose, Inter Milan will be more affected than Milan, because Conte will be thrown away by the first echelon at the beginning of the season. This is something Inter Milan does not want to see, because Conte has no retreat now: he must Win the league championship.


He signed new players like Vidal and Ashraf, and also left Lautaro, his team is more powerful than last season. Although Pirlo will become a great coach in the future, he is still a novice, and now is the best time for Conte to stop Juventus from winning consecutive championships.


Milan's coaching position is deserved by Pioli. His performance late last season has proved this. This year he also led this young team to an excellent record and entered the Europa League group stage. Rangnick? What did he win? nor. Stefano now also has people like Maldini behind him to help him, he is a serious and reliable coach.


Ibrahimovic is the strongest player in this league, he represents Milan, but I don't know if he alone is enough. Lukaku is younger, he is very good and strong, but the two are not comparable. When you are 39 years old, your physical fitness will definitely decline, technology is particularly important, and Ibrahimovic's skills are unparalleled, after the aliens Ronaldo and Van Basten, he is him.


I think Inter Milan is more popular, but Ibrahimovic has the opportunity to rewrite everything, if the new crown has no effect on him. I think the performance of Ibrahimovic and Lukaku also depends on how many good shots Charhanoglu and Lautaro can give them. Lautaro has made a lot of progress. He reminds me of Aguero.

我认为国际米兰更受欢迎,但如果新冠冕对他没有影响,易卜拉欣莫维奇就有机会重写一切。我认为易卜拉欣莫维奇(Ibrahimovic)和卢卡库(Lukaku)的​​表现还取决于Charhanoglu和Lautaro可以给他们提供多少好球。 Lautaro已取得很大进步。他让我想起了阿奎罗。

This is a tactical problem. Conte just doesn’t like this type of player, but I think Eriksson is at the top level and at the championship level. He scores as soon as he returns to the national team. He is also a phenomenal level in the Premier League, like Real Madrid. Strong teams also appreciate him. I still have to say that Conte is a good coach, but he prefers Vidal's kind of power players. He wanted to play 424 in the first year of Juventus. Pirlo was coming at the time. He almost didn't want others. In the end, Pirlo became Was his lucky star.


I will definitely let Eriksen take the position behind the striker and will never give up on him. If I were Pioli, I would also arrange a 4231 formation, which can create pressure on Inter Milan’s wing defense. Although there is no Rebic, I can rank with Brahim or Salmarquez.


Inter Milan first, then Juventus, but also pay attention to Atlanta, Ilysic is an extremely good player, if he can return to the best condition, then everything is possible. Milan? I think they will compete with Lazio, Naples and Rome for fourth, but this goal is not easy.


I have scored all the goals. My friend Dakot said before: Derby is a stage for great players, so scoring is normal for me (laughs)


At that time, Milan led Inter Milan 2-0. With 10 minutes left in the game, I replaced Robinho. Then I made a penalty and made a free throw. Within 10 minutes, I expanded the score to 3-0 and made two. A yellow card, I can do everything.


Milan, because I won a league title and an Italian Super Cup. My life was given by this club. At that time, I almost had a heart problem. Berlusconi and Galliani treated me like my own sons. Unfortunately, I quarreled with Galliani in China. One, I want a contract extension, he said wait, I applied for a transfer and went to Inter Milan.


My childhood dream has come true. Osilio and Blanca are like two brothers, and Nagatomo and I get along very well. I miss him now. Before a German game, I ran into his room at four in the morning. He wore a blindfold while he was sleeping, his face looked like a big cricket (laugh)


I want to be a sports director, but no one has proposed a serious and reliable plan for me yet.


Anyway, I don’t play futsal anymore. I like to play paddleboard now. You have to predict the opponent's movements at all times. This sport is imaginative and unpredictable, and it suits me well.


Be careful to cultivate children's interest (eyes glow). Christopher feels good about the ball and only has goal in his eyes. Unfortunately, he prefers Ronaldo to Messi. This is the only regret.


I played for Inter Milan for a year. I dare say that there are not many people in the world who have my talents. I shouldn't have said goodbye to football four years ago. It was a mistake, but people can't live in memories.





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